Yoga poses, natural home remedies for PMS and menstrual cramps

Yoga poses, natural home remedies for PMS and menstrual cramps

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Sometimes it may feel like there’s no solution to that piercing pain you experience before your period. Ninety percent of women face at least mild physiological effects of PMS. Yoga is here to change that. All you need is a mat and a flexible schedule.
 If you’re thinking this sounds like bit of a stretch, studies have actually concluded that yoga poses, stretches help with period cramps and the symptoms of PMS; leaving women feel calmer with less pain.


What is PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome symptoms are emotional, physical and behavioral. It may include: bloating, insomnia, fatigue, rise or fall in libido, mood swings, breast tenderness, headaches, etc. depending on the individual. Although there are oral medications to treat this, it often displays side effects like exhaustion, menstrual dysfunction, decreased sexual ability and vomiting. In order to avoid those complications, natural remedies will help cure PMS. 


How does yoga help with PMS?

Working out in pain may seem counter-productive, but there are many proven benefits to doing yoga. Some of them are:
- Yoga regulates secretion of hormones into bloodstream.
-  It reduces negative effects of induced stress.
- Reduces harmful inflammatory secretions.
- Positive impact in decreasing heart beats, blood pressure and anxiety.
- Strengthens muscles and protects the spine and joints
- Increases awareness – mentally and physically.  
- Decrease testosterone levels
- Improves balance and mobility
- Maintaining a balanced metabolism


Yoga poses for menstrual pain, bloating and PMS relief

  1. Child’s pose

This pose is a great start as it helps gather up energy. Kneel with knees slight apart. Lean forward, keeping your back stretched and arms long. Rest your forehead on the ground and breathe.  


  1. Cat and cow Pose

Come on your hands and knees. Make sure your hands are leveled under your shoulders and not past it. Similarly level your knees under your hips. Your back must be at a neutral position. For the cat pose sink your back towards the floor and lift your head looking upwards. Stick your tailbone our and exhale. For camel pose, tuck your head and tailbone inward, arching your spine. Inhale deeply as you’re doing it. This stretch releases tension and relaxes your shoulders, neck, and back.


  1. Fish Pose
Place a pillow on the floor. Lay your back and head on the pillow.  Place your arms stretched to either sides of you with palm facing up and legs stretched out in front of you on the floor. If having the leg straight causes discomfort, bend your knees slightly.


  1. Reclined Goddess Pose

Lay on your back and bend your knees placing your feet on the ground. Stick your feet together and widen your knees leaving your hands relax on either side of your body.


  1. Deep squats

Keep your feet parallel to your shoulders, toes pointing out so your hips open. Soften and bend your knees, lowering your hips towards the ground till wherever feels comfortable. Press your elbows on your thighs and join your hands like a prayer at the chest. Do not bend your spine, keep it elongated.


  1. Inverted Leg Pose

Lay comfortably on the floor next to a wall. Now stretch your legs to 90 degree, leaning it against the wall. Stretch your arms to either side and breathe. This helps soothe your nervous system, and boosts your energy.


  1. Corpse Pose

Yoga routines end with this neutral position. This is where you lay flat on your mat. Keep your feet and arms stretched and relaxed. Ensure your whole body is grounded and breathe deeply.
All above mentioned yoga poses are help ease menstrual cramps. Perform each asana for 10 breathes. You can increase the duration if you find comfort in them. Other natural remedies that help relieve symptoms of PMS are – heat therapy, massage, warm herbal tea, having an orgasm and drinking plenty of water.


Remember to take it slow. Listen to your body. Breathe.


Yoga-t this!