YOUR Grandma’s Vaginal Health was way better than YOURS! Why?

Ever thought about how Grandmas handled their periods? At a time where there were no period pads, pain relief tablets or heat patches!

Perhaps it was extremely difficult minus these modern conveniences but the facts state otherwise. Most women back in the day had regular periods, natural pregnancies and kept their uterus lifelong! They had strong uteruses, pelvic structures and excellent vaginal health. Our Grandmas did not have pads, they used clean cloth which was changed often and left to dry in sunlight after properly washing it.

Today’s women are prone to many issues from rashes to fibroids, pelvic and uterine problems that eventually lead to surgical removal. The question, ‘How did our Grandmothers manage to stay in the pink of Gynic health?

It was this thought that made the team at Pink Anee look deeper into , ‘what they had and what we lacked’. The answer, No Chemicals!

Our sole intention was to bring about a pad that’s completely chemical free and 100% natural. We wanted to re-invent our Grandmas optimal Gynic health while catering to the needs of today’s women, without any compromise on quality or safety. We wanted women to flow free and be at ease. With this as our premise ‘Team Pinkanee’ looked for solutions and found the answers within nature herself.

After years of research and unfaltering passion, our eureka moment arrived and we created the first-ever all-natural period pad!

PINK ANEE – The healthiest pads for periods

Our organic disposable sanitary pads are made from

  • Pure organic GOTs certified cotton – Unbleached and pest-free
  • Multiple aerated layers
  • ‘Honeycomb design’ to prevent sneaky leaks
  • Breathable bamboo fibers that emit oxygen
  • A corn-based top layer, instead of plastic
  • Food grade gels
  • Fruit-based adhesives

To top it all, our pads are eco-friendly sanitary pads!

Now, we challenge you to find one item listed that’s harmful to you or the planet!

Do you think this is too much for YOU? Definitely NOT! YOU matter A LOT!

We usually don’t concern ourselves with typical sanitary manufacturing processes, but you should know the truth, every woman deserves to know what goes inside her pad!

Normal Sanitary pads have:

  • Chlorine bleached used cotton
  • Toxic fragrances
  • Paper residue
  • Netted plastics
  • Acid based adhesives

So the question is, what’s so ‘GOOD’ about it for you? It’s time to look beyond the illusion, because that’s where true smartness lies! Embrace exceptional CHANGE. Choose Pink Anee.

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