How to deal with period rash and choose the right pad for you

How to deal with period rash and choose the right pad for you

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Period can be messy. Apart from the hormonal changes, fluctuation in mood, managing pain, bloating, and craving, there’s also physical discomfort that women go through. Period rash is chafing caused due to the use of synthetic sanitary pads. While this could differ in each person, the severity ranges from slight redness to even bleeding in extreme cases. 

Why do pads cause rashes? 

  • Contact dermatitis occurs when your skin comes in contact with an irritant, in this case, chemicals present your sanitary pad. It could cause burning sensation, itchiness, dry or flaky skin, oozing blisters, and swelling.
  • Letting your period blood sit in your pad for an extended duration could also cause leakages and bacteria to build up. Apart from rashes, you could develop yeast infections and deal with bad odour.

The use of sanitary pads is not the cause for concern themselves, but rather the material of the pad, frequency of change, trapped moisture and heat are factors that cause bacteria build-up. 

How do I prevent period rashes? 

  • Wear cotton underwear. This makes for a well-ventilated experience.
  • No matter how light your flow is, it’s advisable to change your pads every 4-6 hours.
  • Avoid wearing tight, synthetic material clothes.
  • Period or not, good hygiene is a must. Regularly wash your genital area cleaning any residue left behind. Wash your hands after changing into a new pad. Dispose of the pads the right way. Do not flush used sanitary napkins or accumulate them in bins.

How do I treat rashes at home?

Some natural remedies for period rashes include – 

  • Placing an ice pack or ice water-soaked towel in the sensitive area for a few minutes helps reducing inflammation, soothes pain, and provides instant relief.
  • Coconut oil containing anti-bacterial properties fights dryness and prevents developing rashes further. It’s safe to leave coconut oil overnight if needed. Alternatively, you can also use few drops of castor oil or olive oil for 30 minutes before washing it off.
  • Applying petroleum jelly when changing pads can help keep inner thighs moisturized.
  • Antiseptic powder can also decrease chafing further by killing harmful microbes that cause the infection.

Additionally, it is important to avoid scratching the sensitive, irritated area. Clean the area regularly with lukewarm water. If the irritation persists it’s advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

How to choose the right pad for you 

Choosing the right menstrual product is crucial in fighting infections, irritation, and discomfort. Let’s understand why regular pads irritate:

  • Fragrance: In the name of “good-smelling products”, pads come with a fragrance layer beneath the absorbent core. The chemical coming in contact with your skin causes an infection or reaction.
  • Adhesive: The glue used in the back of the pads could be of lower grade.
  • Pads whose layers are made from plastic rubs against our skin during usage.

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