Why You Should Start Wearing Panty Liners

Why You Should Start Wearing Panty Liners

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What are panty liners?

Panty Liner is a thinner and smaller hygiene product that absorbs discharge or bodily fluids. They’ve adhesive on the back and an absorbent layer on top, just like sanitary pads; they can be stuck to your underwear and are disposable. They are meant for non-period days aka, everyday wear to avoid moisture and discomfort.

Why do I need a panty liner?

For Vaginal Discharge

Discharge is very normal. It’s the process of cleansing old cells lined in the vagina. It’s usually clear or milky in consistency and has no foul smell. There can be fluctuation in your discharge during ovulation, arousal, and hormonal imbalances like PCOD.

Discharge contains cervical mucus, vaginal fluid, dead cells, and bacteria. Using panty liner for discharge means it absorbs these old cells instead of letting them accumulate in your panty until you get home; it keeps you feeling fresh and dry throughout.

To Catch your Period

Pantyliner comes in handy a week before your period. Especially for the ladies who experience unpredictable cycles, it often serves as a protectant from stains.

The first day of your period can often be stressful enough, let alone having to deal with stains when you’re at work, or out in public. A panty liner gives you the buffer time to change to sanitary pads and can be used few days after your period while spotting. They’re even used by women who use menstrual cups or tampons to catch leaks and it is also considered helpful in the case of post-sex leakage.

For Postpartum Flow

The vaginal bleeding and discharge after childbirth are commonly known as postpartum flow or lochia. It lasts for about ten days. In this case, a tampon could lead to infection. It is advised to wear sanitary pads or panty liners in case of lighter flow or spotting.

During workout

Panty liners aren’t just made for discharge or blood. During a workout, we often sweat excessively. With friction and no proper air circulation due to tight clothing or humid conditions, it could lead to sweat rash or fungal infection. A panty liner absorbs the sweat in time, reducing the possibility of a rash or irritation.

To Arrest Incontinence

Over years, the muscles in our bladder wall relax. This could mean a lack of bladder control which triggers incontinence. Panty liners are used for urine leakage but could also be used during pregnancy, after childbirth, menopause, etc. Pee safe panty liners have got you!

To Control Odor

Pantyliners have antibacterial ions embedded in their lining. They attract and cancel out positively charged bacteria resulting in an odour-free experience. Yes, even the unscented and organic cotton panty liners help get rid of the odour.

Maintain Overall Hygiene

Whether you run out of toilet paper, want to save your underwear from bleaching, get rid of sweat, stain, prevent infections, or use it as a hack for camel toe, panty liner is a solution to all these problems. Of course, cleanliness, grooming, and maintaining your intimate area is equally important as a sustainable panty liner alone cannot protect you.

Disadvantages of Panty Liners

  -Avoid buying scented and synthetic panty liners. They can cause irritation, redness, itching, and discomfort. Our Pink Anee panty liners are unscented and made from organic cotton. You can check them here.

- Panty liners don’t work during heavy period days. They’re everyday hygiene product and are not a substitute for menstrual products.

- They’re not meant for long usage. Change your pantyliner every 3-4 hours.

Meta Description – We are diving into understanding panty liners – an everyday feminine hygiene product, and their usage. Get your organic Pink Anee panty liners today!